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Sutherland Shire Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master

Beverly Bultitude Sutherland ShireMy journey to becoming a Sutherland Shire Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master started with my early upbringing.  My grandfather inspired my childhood imagination; he nurtured my curiosity, with his stories and teachings about nature. I visited my Nan and Pop, on weekends; it was fun, filled with loving affection, encouragement and compliments. My Grandparents vegetable garden was the habitat for many varieties of insects, bugs, lizards and birds.

My Pop loved to tell metaphoric tales which have remained with me. He created nature stories, showing and explaining to me why Caterpillars transform to Butterflies or Moths, likewise Tadpoles to Frogs, etc and explained the positive outcomes.

We sat together on the back steps, enjoying Nan’s scones, the crumbs fell and the ants gathered, and we were able to observed the behaviour of ants. My Pop’s most favourite words were quote, “they plan for a rainy day.”

The Chickens, (chooks) were our main interest for Hypnosis, my Pop was the Master and I was his, little Apprentice, the chook yard was often decorated with hypnotised chooks.

The backyard was a University of learning observing behaviour, seeking positive outcomes, searching for hidden truths, appreciation and respect of values, being patient, perseverance, understanding, focusing and setting goals, planning ahead for that “Rainy day”, and more. I learnt lasting values from these experiences.

I grew up in a bushy, natural area, constantly finding animals and birds, and they were my guinea pigs for hypnotic techniques. As the years progressed, I hypnotised my pet birds, and any other pet or animal I could get my hands on. My Pop said these techniques felt pleasant to them because it was relaxing, so I always thought it was a kind thing to do. My hobby progressed to hypnotizing friends for various reasons, including fun hypnotic entertainment at outings and parties.

Mum loved hypnosis, she had a traumatic childhood Dental experience that resulted in a dread of dental work, after our hypnosis session, she overcome her fears.

Then a local Doctor, offered me the opportunity to join his Medical Centre and I was blessed with referrals from G.Ps, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Orthodontist, Gynaecologists, and all other Professionals (including Legal)

I married in 1963.

Fortunately, I also have the gift of sensitivity (psychic) and am often able to tune into understanding clients needs and often their under lying cause. I am fascinated by the powers of “Invisible Forces” and grasped the opportunity to travel to the Philippines in the “1980’s” researching the Psychic Healers. This was an unforgettable experience.

I enjoy the clinic it is my hobby, helping people to understand and improve their behaviour is always challenging, satisfying and interesting.

Hopefully I will continue to be a hypnotherapist for many years to come.

Other opportunities:

  • Discovery Files InterviewDemonstrations and educational lectures at various clubs, e.g.Rotary,View Clubs, and more
  • Interviewed on Good Morning Australia, with Kerri-Anne Kennally.
  • Participated in Simon Townsend’s TV Children’s Program.
  • Interviewed for Terry Willesie’s TV Current Affairs Program.
  • Weekly case histories segment on Radio.
  • Radio interviews, one which resulted in the inclusion in the book “Discovery Files” with world renown therapists e.g. Deepak Chopra
  • Psyching band members of the Dione Warwick Show. (U.S. Entertainer)
  • Meeting the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.
  • Advisor to various TV (soap opera) programs regarding hypnotherapy segments.
  • Psyching celebrities in various sporting fields, motivating and achieving top results.
  • Motivational psyching the Female Australian Champions of Dragon Boat Racing, which involved accompanying the team overseas to Hong Kong and China for the World Championship Competitions.
  • Psyching well-known celebrities of stage and screen, assisting them to enhance their Energy fields and performance.
  • Two hour Radio program in the USA with over 100,000 listens.
  • By invitation, the opportunity to share my hypnotic experiences with Members of Associations.
  • Entertaining with hypnotic “power of the mind” demonstrations the entertainers of stage and screen at “Alva” (Australian Ladies Variety Association) and enjoying lasting friendships.
  • Lecturing at MBS Festivals, Psychic Fairs etc.
  • Invited to travel interstate and internationally, initiating Seminars, making acquaintances globally.
  • Meeting Professionals from all areas.
  • Involvement in a Special Film Documentary program, based on facts, shown international and nationally.


My experiences:

  • With The Duchess of YorkMy original hypnosis training classroom was the, “University of Hard Knocks”
  • I collected globally as many informative books, reel to reel tapes etc that I could get my hands on, in the pursuit for more knowledge about “the power of the mind/ hypnosis”
  • I am a foundation member of the AHA’s, NSW’s Branch when it was formed in 1972 and I am proud to say I was later honoured by the privileged position of “Life Member.”
  • Completed a 3-Year Intensive Psychology Course at the University of Sydney, Department of Adult Education, graduating in 1975.
  • The Health Commission of NSW Intensive Course “Completion Certificate” August 1976 conducted under Senior Trainer, John Pik BA.BD.CM. For Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy.
  • I held the Office, as the AHA Federal Secretary, in the early 1980’s, for 5 years
  • In 1981 after completion of the course, I was accredited and accepted by the Board of Examiners to possess the required qualifications and received the Master Hypnotist Certificate with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.
  • Registered in 1982 as a “Justice of the Peace”
  • Accepted as a full member of the ASCH in 1982.
  • Received a “Certificate of Appreciation” 26th July 1985 for recognition and sincere appreciation for outstanding services rendered while holding the Office of Secretary.
  • Graduated as a “Reiki 1” and “Advance Reiki 11” practitioner in 1987 and to “Reiki Master, Teacher / Trainer” in 1992.
  • Accepted as a full member of the PCHA IN 2001
  • T.F.T. (Thought Field Therapy) Algorithms Seminar One & Two Course Completion Certificate August 2003.
  • Accredited by the “Australian Counselling Association” in 2004, as a “Professional Supervisor” after completion of the Course and supervision assignment.

During the 1980’s the AHA enjoyed fabulous get togethers, parties, BBQ’s, social events, and Christmas parties.

Colleques often travelled nationally to attend accompanied by their family members, which was favoured by all.

Family involvement was the Invisible Thread that kept the association bonded.

Beverley Bultitudes CertificatesThe association was more like a family reunion each time we met.



“Socrates once said the older I get the more I know nothing”

The AHA’s Gold Seal on the Certificate, states:

“As a man thinketh so shall he be”.

“What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”


Beverley is a Foundation member of the NSW branch of The Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association 1972.

She has been in Professional full time practice since 1962 and was in fact  the very first Sutherland Shire Hypnotherapist to open a practice.

Her Clinic and Seminar Rooms are at Caringbah, NSW, close to the local Doctors’ Rooms & Hospitals.

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Reiki Master Certificate

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